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Dejan Petrovic has, invited by the organizers, participated in the work of the jury, which selected a film in each of the following categories: short fiction, documentary and animated film.

More about festival here. As a part of the symposium, there were screenings of documentary films, and the whole event was captured on camera by a film crew from the University of audiovisual arts in Skopje, which was also the organizer of the event.

After the premiere in the Cultural Centre of Belgrade on Friday, 29th August, and the previous day in the Cultural Centre Pozega, the 10th International Student Film Camp "Interaction " and the 5th International Documentary Masterclass "Interdoc ", in which participated 26 participants from 18 countries.

The musical introduction with film themes was performed by Jelena Petrovic violin and Djordje Vasiljevic accordion. There were a screening of three film shot during a three-week stay at the camp in Cacak, Uzice and Pozega:. Film "Adornment" - director: Stefan Krasic shot in Cacak 2. Film "Hail" - director: Angel Linares shot in Uzice.

At the same time, the 5th International Documentary Masterclass "Interdoc " was held, where 11 students and film professionals participated and listened to the lectures concerning documentary film.

The famous directors - Dragan Elcic and Mladen Maticevic have shared their experience with the participants. The participants of the masterclass and the camp have been given the certificates. The International Student Film Camp "Interaction " starts on the 12th of August, on the International youth day, with the arrival of 15 participants from different parts of the world.

Through lectures and projections of the films, our renowned professors Mladen Maticevic and Dragan Elcic will share their knowledge and experience on the topic of creative documentary film. Film lovers will be able to see films by our participants, but also by our renowned authors.

Thanks to CILECT, an association that gathers the most remarked film and television schools in the world, this year there will also be screenings of the best documentaries shot in the previous year.

During the nine-year realisation of the camp, 35 documentary films were shot, among which 7 film won 8 awards in film festivals in India, Slovakia, Russia, Bulgaria, Macedonia and Serbia. From 20th to 27th Augustworkshops led by eminent professors and directors of documentaries Dragan Elcic Serbia and Mladen Maticevic Serbia are going to be organized. Distinguished Masterclass lecturers will share their knowledge and experience gained from years working as successful documentary films authors.

Screening and analyzing of selected documentaries will be included. Students of film schools, film and TV professionals, and also anyone who wants to find more about creative documentary film have the right to apply for this competition, and they should:. Online application form you can find HERE. Selection of the candidates After the application deadline, the selection jury will consider the applications, select the candidates and list the names of the participants.

Click here to download the poster. There were a screening of three film shot during a three-week stay at the camp in Cacak, Uzice and Pozega: 1. Film "Hail" - director: Angel Linares shot in Uzice At the same time, the 5th International Documentary Masterclass "Interdoc " was held, where 11 students and film professionals participated and listened to the lectures concerning documentary film.

Who should apply? How to apply? To apply for this competition you should complete and submit the online application form.Producer and filmmaker based in Mexico City, Mexico.

Has collaborated in multiple productions, from one-minute films to features and interactive documentaries.

He has been awarded at multiple festivals and was nominated for Mexican Academy Award. Anna Korecka is currently studying Film in Wales and being in her second year of studies her main field of interest if producing, especially production management. She also took a module in directing, sound and documentary proposal writing and pitching. In she decided to come to Cardiff to study Film.

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Since then, Anna worked on multiple productions. Sharan Venugopal, born on 11th Aprilis an upcoming filmmaker based in Kerala, India. Currently a student of the Satyajit Ray Film and Television Institute, Kolkata, he is specializing in direction and screenplay writing. Sharan also has a degree in mechanical engineering. Sharan has attended an exchange program with the Zelig School for Documentary, Bolzano and directed a documentary titled Dualwhich deals with the identity and cultural conflicts among the people of Bolzano.

His short film Sopanam had been screened in various international festivals around the world and garnered positive reviews. His latest documentary For Clint is about the life of a couple who lives in the memory of their departed son, who was a child prodigy who drew around 25, paintings in his lifespan of 6 years.

interdoc 2014

Aleksandar is currently a student of film and television directing at the Academy of Art in Belgrade, Serbia. He was born and raised in Vancouver, Canada, where he completed art high school with a major in creative writing. Viktorija Akavickaite is a young film producer from one of the Baltic countries — Lithuania. And four years ago, she became a volunteer of Child Helpline in Lithuania. Viktorija has a dream to make movies which will inspire people to make a better world for our children and teenagers.

Siham is currently writing her first long-feature fiction film that tackles the issue of the rise of the far-right in France. Documentary-wise, she wants to keep filming priests all over the world and, generally speaking, understand the status of religion in modern society. He dabbles both in documentaries and fiction. He has worked on four short documentary films and one short fiction film. Utkarsh Marulkar is working as an independent cinematographer for films, television commercials, documentaries, and music videos.

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He is currently based in Mumbai, India. Utkarsh graduated in Physics with vocational Photography and audio-visual production from Fergusson College, Pune India.

He has worked with some prominent cinematographers on feature films, television commercials and documentaries.

Italo Vazzana was born in Catanzaro in Following that, he started to work as a cameraman and video editor at National Broadcast TV Sportitaliamaking news videos and reportages. Ever sinceItalo has been a freelance video maker creating in several different formats: commercial, corporate, fashion movies, reportage, documentary, web format. Her latest documentary Zahida was broadcast on Al Jazeera and its trailer has over 8.

A sensitive, introverted child who would shut her eyes when sitting before people, she slowly learnt to open up and understand the world around her. A writer at heart, she started dabbling into poetry pretty early on and it soon became the only way she knew to communicate her feelings. Life soon changed and with it, her modes of communication and expression. She pursued Fashion Communication from the National Institute of Fashion Technology, Mumbai, where she had her first stints with photography and traveling.

Post-college, she worked with Tripoto, a travel start-up, as a creative content strategist and started a travel and photography blog called Safarnama.

After deciding to dive in the audio-visual medium, she got into one of the premier institutes for filmmaking in the country, National Institute Of Design which opened up a new world for her.

Meghanne completed her Ph. Her dissertation research and the book she is currently writing based upon this research entitled Throw Your Voice: Suspended Animations in Kazakhstani Childhood develops animation as an analytic to understand the intersections of play and performance in Kazakhstani childhood.

Meghanne is editing an ethnographic film, A Temporary Homebased on this research.Skip to main content. Companies House does not verify the accuracy of the information filed link opens a new window.

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Tell us what you think of this service link opens a new window Is there anything wrong with this page? Annual return made up to 9 August with full list of shareholders Statement of capital on GBP 2.The documentation centre in The Hague contained a comprehensive index system, which also included references to material outside Interdoc, and its library disposed of a collection of periodicals, special reports, and documentation about affiliated anti-communist organizations.

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Following the division of Germany into four occupation zones in the aftermath of WWII, the Soviet Union, former ally of the Western forces in the fight against the Nazi regime, quickly became itself designated enemy number one. While this strategy worked to cart a majority along, it was, however, not entirely successful, particularly among young intellectuals.

While various European intelligence services were already heavily involved in secret anti-communist activities, only a few international forums existed to exchange information on the subject. The popularity of communist thinking was a growing concern of many conservative Western-European leaders of the era, which, they feared, would pave the way of a cultural revolution.

A Europe torn apart by animosities between former WWII enemies, especially between France and Germany, would only encourage such a scenario. The re-establishment of inter-European communication was thus a necessary prerogative to any potential transnational anti-communist initiatives.

According to Giles-Smith, probably the most knowledgeable scholar when it comes to Interdoc, 7. Further indications that Interdoc grew in the orbit of Prince Bernard and the Bilderberg Group, are also brought up by researcher David Teacher : 8. It is interesting to note that the March Bilderberg conference was held in Barbizon, the same venue as the seminal Interdoc group in These two meetings are also documented in aforementioned CIA memo from 3.

In the autumn of a Dutch group of similar composition and with the same interests joined the others. During the following years a tendency became apparent in the discussions to aim at more concrete, practical points, in particular in regard to the increasing East-West confrontation.

From on, Bonnemaison began acting as organizing secretary for a series of informal meetings, held alternately in France and in Germany, which brought together top intelligence veterans from three countries: France, Germany and Holland.

interdoc 2014

The idea of a covert European alliance to fight communism was discussed inwhen a Franco-German group met in the South of France to discuss what steps could be taken to combat Communism. Their first decision was to reinforce their network; by the following year, the circle had widened to include representatives from Holland, Italy, Switzerland and Belgium. There were three delegations present from France, Germany and the Netherlands, and each included senior intelligence officers.

Professor Lades and Dr. Einthoven had been Chief Commissioner for Police in Rotterdam in the s. After the war, he was appointed by General H. Although appearing as legitimate research center, the Society received CIA-funds and shared its research with the agency, who considered and applied the results in their own psychological warfare projects, especially MKULTRA. The Society was also a conduit for funds destined for secret psychological warfare project such as Dr.

Marks, who had written a book about those experiments: The SIHE also cultivated regular contacts with likeminded institutes. The report made clear that attention for this subject was due to the fact that brainwashing in its narrow sense as applied by Chinese and Russian communists to prisoners is assumed to be related in some way or other to brainwashing in its wider sense such as the political indoctrination of the Chinese people and with brainwashing in its widest sense such as the communist propaganda to the non-communist world.

The key was to link the micro and macro levels of analysis — to study the forces used to maintain the cohesion of communist societies from the perspective of the individual in a controlled environment. Monroe visited the Netherlands in where he drew up plans for collaborations with the Dutch group and received a first batch of their contacts in Scandinavia. According to Scott-Smith: Despite the auspicious beginnings in transatlantic contacts, it is noticeable that little came of it.

The Americans, along with the British, refused to back the proposal, and as a result the Interdoc plan was moved wholly into the civilian sphere. But even there the hoped-for collaboration did not emerge.

But this did not translate into direct support from either the CIA or from the private sector. A primary reason for this was two major scandals that rocked the BND during —This paper tells in detail a little known story from the annals of computer networking history. In the early s a small group of international non—governmental aid giving organizations developed their own network using available technologies to empower groups that worked for social and economic justice.

Interdoc had member institutions from four continents… The network was used to inform and empower worker organizations, link grassroots activists, facilitate community—based research and education, bridge international political fault lines, collect and circulate human rights data, and disseminate information on sustainable development. Published by: First Monday, volume 10, number 5 May. The Velletri Agreement turned twenty in In a few international non—governmental organizations from four continents agreed to make a computer network.

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Their aim was to exchange information for social justice activism. It was a first of its kind. It set the stage for future networking institutions that would assist activists. It has yet to be explored in the chronicles of Internet history. There is now a rich literature on Internet history. It ranges from broad chronologies Moschovitis, et al.

There is also a sub—literature on computer networking by, and for, non—governmental organizations and social justice groups pursuing international activism Murphy, ; Ford and Gil, ; Warkentin, ; Smith, ; Martinez—Torres, ; Ribeiro, ; Castells, ; Frederick Interdoc does not figure in most of these accounts, even though it pre—dated and contributed to almost all the histories told in the sub—literature.

This paper tells the story of Interdoc: why it was created, its aims and structure, and how it contributed to computer networking for international social justice activism. The INGO sphere spreads across many political, economic and social perspectives. The history of the sector stretches as far back as the s Ghils, The focus of this paper is on the sub—sector of small INGO s that arose after the s.

They were created mostly in the northern hemisphere. They raised money from private citizens and delivered aid to the poor, mostly in the southern hemisphere.

During the s they experienced a change of perspective. They saw that the poor were not any better off.

Western Anti-Communism and the Interdoc Network: Cold War Internationale

The new approach made developing information and communication capacities essential Broadhead and Herbert—Copley, As part of their new strategy the small INGO s created an institution to build up NGO s in the south and campaign on an international level. The chairperson position at ICDA rotated between nation member organizations. In — the chair position was held by Canada and its representative from the Canadian Council for International Cooperation.

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That person was Chris Pinney. Pinney conducted an informal survey of member groups. They sponsored a conference for ICDA members on the possibilities of international computer networking. The conference was held at a town outside Rome, Italy: Velletri. Pinney transcribed the deliberations on a Tandy portable computer. The result was an international NGO undertaking to spend two years sharing experiments in the use of databases and computer communications between north and south.

By October Pinney and his cohorts were back in Velletri evaluating the results of the project. During a week of meetings, between 2—7 October, the attendees agreed to set up a global network for INGO computer communications.

For the public record, the complete text has been attached as Appendix I. Information management and related practices of networking must be geared to the mobilisation of information, not its immobilisation. Five years after its inception, inInterdoc had a technical advisory committee and a secretariat. The online centerpiece of Interdoc was an e—mail and bulletin board conferencing facility.

For example, the Dutch member Antenna made arrangements with GeoNet, a commercial electronic mail service based in Germany, to act as a server for conferencing and document exchange.Project Manager. Communication and Faculty recruitment management at Faculty Associate Office.

Communications Analyst. Communications Coodinator. Editorial process support, specialized text production. Moreno The interactive documentary as a project-based learning initiative to work on civic values.

Transmedia Literacy International Conference. Moreno Applying interactive documentary as a pedagogical tool in High School level. Moreno El documental interactivo como herramienta emergente para involucrar al estudiante con los contenidos.

Congreso Internacional de Nuevas Narrativas. Doctoral Dissertation. The application of Interactive Documentary in the educational field. Complutense University of Madrid. Cum Laude. Moreno, A. Gifreu-Castells; V. Disponible en este enlace :. Moreno; A. Gifreu-Castells Revista de estudios culturales de la Universitat Jaume I.

ISSN Disponible en este enlace. Fonseca, Journal of Communication, n. El potencial comunicativo de la narrativa documental interactiva en los movimientos sociales.The main concerns of her films are emphasized on WomenChildren and Youth.

interdoc 2014

SinceHonarian has been involved in Media and Film industry. Besides being a filmmaker, Honarian has also been active in various social and cultural activities, including:.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Iranian-Canadian Film Director. Archived from the original on Retrieved Authority control PIC : Categories : Iranian documentary filmmakers Canadian documentary filmmakers Iranian film producers Iranian film directors Iranian women film directors People from Isfahan Living people births Women documentary filmmakers.

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